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Past Q&A Zoom Calls for Currency and Bonds

Regular and Asia Pacific Recorded Zoom calls (Audio Only)

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May 22nd-2024   May 25th-2024    May 25th-2024     May 29th-2024    June 1st-2024       June 1st-2024       June 5th-20244    June 8th-2024      June 8th-2024 
Linked                   Linked                  Not Available        Linked                   Linked                   Not Available        Linked-Start-1:30 New Item               New Item             

May 1st-2024       May 4th-2024      May 4th-2024      May 8th-2024       May 11th-2024     May 11th-2024    May 15th-2024    May 18th-2024     May 18th-2024            
Not Linked            Linked                   Not Available      Linked-Start-1:35 Broken Link-B     Linked                   Linked                  Linked                    Linked            

Apr. 10-2024        Apr. 13-2024        Apr. 13-2024        Apr. 17-2024        Apr. 20-2024        Apr. 20-2024         Apr. 24-2024        Apr. 27-2024        Apr. 27-2024         
Linked                   Not Linked           Not Available        Linked                  Linked                   Not Linked            Not Linked            Not Linked            Not Available             

Mar. 20-2024       Mar. 23-2024        Mar. 23-2024       Mar. 27-2024        Mar. 30-2024       Mar. 30-2024        Apr. 3-2024          Apr. 6-2024          Apr. 6-2024           Apr. 5-2024  
Linked                   Linked                   Not Available       Linked                   Linked                   Not Available       Linked                   Linked                   Not Available        Patti-Lobstr-Q&A

Feb.  28-2024       Mar.  2-2024         Mar.  2-2024         Mar.  6-2024        Mar.  9-2024        Mar.  9-2024         Mar.  13-2024       Mar.  16-2024      Mar.  16-2024        
Linked                   Linked                   Linked                   Linked                  New Item              Linked                   Linked                   Linked                  Not Available              

Feb.  7-2024         Feb.  10-2024        Feb.  10-2024       Feb.  14-2024       Feb.  17-2024        Feb.  17-2024       Feb.  21-2024        Feb.  24-2024       Feb.  24-2024        
Linked                   Linked                    Linked                  Linked                   Linked                  Not Available        Linked                   Linked                   Linked                      

Jan. 17-2024         Jan. 20-2024         Jan. 20-2024        Jan. 24-2024         Jan. 27-2024        Jan. 27-2024        Jan. 31-2024        Feb.  3-2024          Feb.  3-2024     
Linked                   Linked                    Not Available       Linked                   Linked                   Linked                  Linked                  Linked                   Linked

Dec.27-2023          Dec.30-2023         Dec.30-2023         Jan. 3-2024           Jan. 6-2024          Jan. 6-2024          Jan. 10-2024         Jan. 13-2024        Jan. 13-2024                  
Linked                   Linked                   Not Available        Linked                   Linked                   Linked                  Linked                   Linked                  Not Available                

Dec. 6-2023           Dec. 9-2023          Dec. 9-2023          Dec. 13-2023        Dec. 16-2023        Dec. 16-2023         Dec. 20-2023        Dec. 23-2023        Dec.23-2023  
linked                     linked                    Not Available       linked                    Not yet linked       Not Available        linked                    linked                     Not Available

Nov. 15-2023        Nov. 18-2023        Nov. 18-2023        Nov. 22-2023        Nov. 25-2023        Nov. 25-2023        Nov. 29-2023         Dec. 2-2023          Dec. 2-2023
linked                    Not Available        Not Available        linked                    linked                    Not Available       linked                     linked                    Not Available

Oct.25-2023          Oct.28-2023         Oct.28-2023         Nov. 1-2023           Nov. 4-2023          Nov. 4-2023          Nov. 8-2023         Nov. 11-2023        Nov. 11-2023          
linked                     linked                    Not Available       linked                    linked                    Not Available        Not Available        linked                   Not Available                  

Oct. 4-2023           Oct. 7-2023          Oct. 7-2023          Oct. 11-2023          Oct. 14-2023        Oct. 14-2023         Oct. 18-2023        Oct. 21-2023        Oct.21-2023          
linked                     linked                    New Item              linked                    linked                    Not available         linked                    linked                    Not available                                    

Sept. 13-2023       Sept. 16-2023       Sept. 16-2023       Sept. 20-2023       Sept. 23-2023       Sept. 23-2023       Sept. 27-2023       Sept. 30-2023        Sept. 30-2023      
RVupdated, Birds  RVupdate 3d-5D   New Item              Spiders, RVupdateRVupdate, Bricks  New Item              RVupdate Iraq       Story RVupdate     New Item
Proof of funds4X  DocumentsTrusts  New Item              Sept. 23rd. family Debt Clock, 4X     New Item              Gesara Ascension  Gurus EBS Oct 1 New Item       
FlyingCars EES    WBG Corporate    New Item              World Debt-NDA Exchanges,HawaiiNew Item              Flags Debt Clock   Banks TrumpEGONew Item       
Exchanges Birds   Jonathan, Q&A      New Item             Charities  Process CuresMilitaryDoc New Item              Elders Dreams 5G  Anger Projects     New Item       

Aug. 23-2023        Aug. 26-2023       Aug. 26-2023        Aug. 30-2023        Sept. 2-2023         Sept. 2-2023         Sept.6-2023          Sept. 9-2023         Sept. 9-2023       
New Item               New Item              New Item              New Item              Trafficking,Banks New Item              RVupdate 3d-BS    RVupdate, 9/11     New Item             
New Item               New Item              New Item              New Item              DinarRecaps,CabalNew Item             Bots,Banks,Storm  Natural Law Q&ANew Item             
New Item               New Item              New Item              New Item              HawaiiPilotsZoom New Item             Projects,nda,Party  UCC Law Court   New Item             
New Item               New Item              New Item              New Item              Food CarsVaccine  New Item             ProjectMgr,Trusts   WBG Posts           New Item             

Aug. 2-2023         Aug. 5-2023          Aug.5-2023          Aug. 9-2023          Aug. 12-2023        Aug. 12-2023        Aug. 16-2023        Aug. 19-2023        Aug. 19-2023       
Parts 2                   New Item              New Item              Part 2                     New Item               New Item              New Item               New Item              New Item              
New Item               New Item              New Item             Part 3                     New Item               New Item              New Item               New Item              New Item         
New Item               New Item              New Item              New Item              New Item               New Item              New Item               New Item              New Item         
New Item               New Item              New Item              New Item              New Item               New Item              New Item               New Item              New Item         

July 12-2023        July 15-2023         July 15-2023         July 19-2023        July 22-2023        July 22-2023        July 26-2023        July 29-2023        July 29-2023
RVupdate-Project RVupdate-Projects Peoples Bubble      RVupdate, Sky      RVupdateWakeup New Item              RVupdate,Lobstr  RVupdate,ShotgunNew Item
Scammers144,000Trump-HeightGunsCovid19-Masks    Banks, Currency   Program,Zombies New Item              Aqua,ScamAsset  Blackout, NDA     New Item
CropCircleMoney History-Movie-911Hospital Doctor    Nature, Trusts       Doctors, Drugs     New Item              Appointment,Salt  Lobstr, Projects    New Item
ProjectsGroundingRV/GCR-Lobstr    Baseball- Family  MovieLobstr 3d5d Trump,Israel,KidsNew Item             Family,WaterSongsParty, Med-beds    New Item

June 21-2023       June 24-2023         June 24-2023       June 28-2023       July 1-2023          July 1-2023          July 5-2023          July 8-2023           July 8-2023                
RVupdate, UFO's  RVupdate Military  Not available        RVupdate-Masks  RVupdate, RealityNot available        RVupdate, VPN    Sound Of Freedom Sound of Freedom
Currencies, Zim    Lobstr Assets GCR Not available        Libor Sofr-Pets    KingDavid Court  Not available        Biden, Telegram   Currency-Banks     Kids Disney
GiftLetter,ProjectsWagnerGroupMask Not available        Brunson-DominoCagesMovie Parks Not available        Flag 1/2 mast        XRP-XLM-Masks Orphanages
Appointment, 50+ Distilled WaterJab  Not available        Dinar-401k Fires Projects-Hospitals Not available        TV-MSM-5D         Matrix-Info-Help   RVupdate Budget

May 31-2023        June 3-2023          June 3-2023         June 7-2023         June 10-2023        June 10-2023       June 14-2023        June 17-2023       June 17-2023       
Electronics, VPN  RVupdate, Power   Not available        Fires  UFO's Pope Electro-Culture     WorkvVacation    NDA, Good Info   BrokenSealsFood Darkness, Fires            
GesaraSmartMeterDarknessCollectiv Not available        17Cities Gas Zim  Teir Levels, Iraq   Projects Shuman TrumpTechnology 50+Companies     Martial Law, D3            
Chakra Healing     Luna Rant, Truth   Not available        Agro Checks Lists Music Hz, Banks Forest fires, RV   Projects, Dinar      SolarFlairs Hemp Animals, Food         
RV Process Fear    Distilled Water5D Not available        BasketsReplicatorsSoulgroupBinder 3d-5D time DatesGiftingletterDipingInternet, Zim T     Movies, Replicators           

May 10-2023        May 13-2023        May 13-2023        May 17-2023       May 20-2023        May 20-2023       May. 24-2023        May. 27-2023        May. 27-2023        
RVupdate, Trump  FAA, Masks, Pain RVprocess, Covid Part 2 Link                                                                      KingDavid,Trump ET-Disclosures,xrp Shadow Work
Upcoming Dates    Oldinfo, List,Ears Stockmarket, food RVupdate, Trusts                                                            TuckerC. Bricks    Banks,Trump,VPN 3d to 5D, Triggers
Cryptos, Letters     Shotgun, Dates      Invest, Babies        Children, Law                                                                Timelines, Loosh   RV Process, NDA   Horses, Learning
Military, Fear, TV  ET's,MonoGold    Silver, Fear Money Religion, EBS                                                                Brazil, Prisons       Bolivar, 800's         Law Of Attractlion

Apr. 19-2023        Apr. 22-2023        Apr. 22-2023        Apr.  26-2023       Apr.  29-2023        Apr.  29-2023       May. 3-2023         May. 6-2023         May. 6-2023         
RVupdate, Lobstr  Update,Ascension RV ProcessTrumpRVupdate, Flag     RVupdate, Banks   ET-Technologies   RVupdate, Texas   Accidents, Organs Cognitive dissonance
NoMoneyBizCard GiftingLetter,MailBonds+Currency  Flat/Hollow Earth Trafficking, Water Distilled Water      Work-HoursGesaraRoyals Whitehats Money Exchange
RVprocess Project Documentaries     Hang List, Cabal   Obsolescence, ET 2TimelinesQphoneReader Articles     I AM Teachings    Generating money Passion Heart work
BioScanQFS,EGOBirthCertificate     ET Technologies    Chakra, Religion    Phases+BizCards  Miracles, Banks   RedSea, Freedom  Ascension CME   Clones Stockmarket

Mar. 29-2023        Apr. 1-2023          Apr. 1-2023           Apr. 5-2023          Apr. 8-2023          Apr. 8-2023          Apr. 12-2023        Apr. 15-2023         Apr. 15-2023
Scotia, Bank,QFS  Tornadoes, Banks WBG History        Trump, Puzzle       Scammers, Iraq     RVupdate, Trump  RVupdate, Biden  RVupdateCurrencyRVupdate,Silver            
WorkingFromHeart Letter Of credit   ET Technology      Currency, Bonds    Vibration, Pope    Phase Documents  Elvis, 2 Timelines Gesara,GCR,-48   Lobstr, Gifts
ShadowWork MIB QFSaccount AuraMed-Beds,Disease Phases1-5Biz card Meditation, WBG St.Germain,Banks StockMarket,SilvrBlackout, Dumbs  Timelines, Spirit
Body Pain Detox   Spiritual Growth   Education, Skills   James,CreditLoan Shadow Work        Distilled Water       Pedo,Twitter,Flu MeditationNewBodDeath, NDA's

Mar. 8-2023          Mar. 11-2023        Mar. 11-2023        Mar. 15-2023        Mar. 18-2023        Mar. 18-2023       Mar. 22-2023        Mar. 25-2023       Mar. 25-2023                      
Fox News,Satanic  RVupdates,Banks  RV UPdate            WealthMgt.Trusts  Trump,PopeArest  RVupdate Energy Manifestation        RVupdate, Amish  New Item             
Homeless,BlackoutPIsymbolDateNPCStockmarket         HelpingOthers,InfoExecute,Courts     SolarFlair,Qigong  RVProcessMoviesPersonal Security   New Item             
Glasenbury, NYC  Water,HydrogenPr Energy, OBE         Resources+Food    Homeless,Drugs   /RedemptionCentr Bond&Currency   RV Rooms,100T    New Item             
Galactics,Trials      Process, ZimPhotoET's,Tech,3d-5d    Banks,StoreClose  LynettZang,Metal  Intention, Water    Acct sweeping     WBGparty Death    New Item             

Feb. 15-2023         Feb. 18-2023        Feb. 18-2023         Feb. 22-2023        Feb. 25-2023         Feb. 25-2023        Mar. 1-2023           Mar. 4-2023         Mar. 4-2023                 
RVupdate, Trusts   RV Update, Water Asia Pacific Call    R.E.Mineral,PutinBigNotes,Weather Asia Pacific Call   RV-Update Reset    Other Groups        The Matrix, Crypto's 
Banks, RV/GCR    SolarFlairs,QigongRegular Questions Currency&Bonds Trafficking,Cement Not Avalable       Trusts, Projects      Gift Letters, SKR  Jab, Ivermectin          
Med-Beds,WeatherEnergy,PhaseDocsSpiritWorkshop  Q Letters Of Credit GrpCloaked Divine.No Recording      Gold,Food,Water    Cashiers Checks    Teleport, OBE's
Hard-Soft Copy     RedemptionCenterPhase Doc Q&A    Exchange Rooms Buying Currency    No Recording       Blackout, Crypto   NYC-Alice in W.   Med-Bed, Symptoms

Jan. 14-2023        Jan. 18-2023         Jan. 21-2023         Jan. 25-2023         Jan. 28-2023         Feb. 1-2023          Feb. 4-2023          Feb. 8-2023           Feb. 11-2023             
ReplicatorsJFK jr Internet, Trump     NYupdate, Energy Internet, Banks       RVupdate, Biden   RVupdate, NYC    Exchange Process Gold,Silver,QFS    Safe-Link, 800's          
Numerology         Lobster Down       Timelines, BofA    WakingUp,  2X4    RJ-NY, Banks        Markz, Projects    MonoAtomicGoldVaccineCardsReno Language, 3d&5d           
Gold-Silver Price Seals Open, 1111   Control, Qigong    Trump, FoxNews   Silver, Dumbs       Money Attitude     Replicators GuidesTurkey, Bail-ins     Common Law            
Collections Birth  Mandela, Trust      VisionBoard,CBD Appointments        Dreams, Trusts      WBGLogoMedBedAbilities, Malta    AgroChequesBond QuestionsAnswers            

Dec. 14-2022         Dec. 17-2022        Dec. 21-2022        Dec. 24-2022        Dec. 28-2022         Dec. 31-2022         Jan. 4-2023           Jan. 7-2023          Jan. 11-2023          
No Items                Phones, Silver       Crypto's,GematriaGlasses, Projects   RVupdate, Movie   EnergyMeditation RVupdate, Moon   RVupdate, Movie  Airport shutdown      
No Items                Movies, Tribe, Oz Debt, Gesara, QR Biz Cards, Harrp   Pelose, Comey       Kazarians, Actors   WakeUp,Jab,Harp Gitmo,Drugies      CharlieWard-NDA             
No Items                Programming, Jab Tunnels, Event      HarddrivesRJNY Vertical Farming    Abuse, Atlantis       FlatEarth, Flash    Merkaba,Qigong   Crypto, StarTrek-Jab

Dec. 10-2022         Dec. 7-2022          Dec. 3-2022           Nov. 30-2022        Nov. 26-2022        Nov. 23-2022        Nov. 19-2022        Nov. 16-2022        Nov. 12-2022                         
Grounding, QFS    Community, Musk RV-Update,CryptoSkipTo-7MinMarkSkipTo-7MinMarkXmas&Tech-FlagsCensorship, 9/11  Trump, Ukraine    RV Party, Love             
Transgender,BoraxKenedys, Trump    RJ-NY, Elections   RV-Update ProjectDramashow-GitmoTurkey, Trump     Holidays, FTX      Hemp, Domes      New Item                           
Gematria, Phones  Tribunals, Movies Biden sHempBiden ElectionsHolidays Galactic, Truth    Military, Doctors  PlanningGematria New Item             New Item                

Nov. 9-2022          Nov. 5-2022          Nov. 2-2022           Oct. 29-2022        Oct. 26-2022         Oct. 22-2022        Oct. 19-2022        Oct. 15-2022         Oct. 12-2022                
Election, Projects Trump, Courts       Cards, Phases1-5   Ascent Symptom  RV Update, Rates ContructCriticism Currency, Bonds   PhaseDocs,Cards  Spiritual Talk            
Ivermectin,JFK jr. 3 Letter Debt.UBI Projects, 3d-5d      SilverCurrentBondProjects, Cards      Vibration,Heart    TVStation,Shows  800Link, Projects  WBG Progress          
Health remedies    Dr.License,Gesara Intent, VPN, Gold Security, Events     RV Process,Aura  Shanty projects    Netflix, Satanic     Music, Healing      Groups, Cards-48        

Oct. 8-2022           Oct. 5-2022          Oct. 1-2022           Sept. 28-2022        Sept. 24-2022       Sept. 21-2022       Sept. 17-2022       Sept. 7-2022          Sept. 3-2022               
BizCards, VPN      PhaseDocs,Cards Veterans , War        RV Update             Distilled H2O       1929 Review         RV Update            No WBG Call               Not         
Servant Leader      Party, Projects      Organic, Water      RV Process             RV Process, Eyes Template Alert      Servant Leader      To-day!                      Available               
 WBG History       Metaphysical        Project visions      Currency Projects,  5D unity Consious Materialism                                                                                    

Aug. 31-2022       Aug. 27-2022       Aug. 24-2022       Aug. 20-2022        Aug. 17-2022        Aug. 13-2022        Aug. 10-2022        Aug. 6-2022         Aug. 3-2022                                    
NEW ITEM          AscentionSymptmIvermectin-CBD   Projects Coins       Ivermectin-Heche  Projects RV ProcesTrump-Masks        Info Hawii            WBG Phases                               
NEW ITEM          Spiritual-Process  Biz Templates       Silver UFO's          Resorts-cabal        Tesla Machines      Birth Bonds-Trust Scare Event-Hair  Healing Remedys                           
NEW ITEM          Project-BizCards  Cancer+Energies  Grounding Sun      IC-Chip-Projects   PhasesHealersCBDChem Trails-Projct.WBG Ads Shills Vet Dr.&Animals                            

July 30-2022_A   July 30-2022_B    July 27-2022_A    July 27-2022_B   July 23-2022        July 20-2022         July 16-2022        July 13-2022_A   July 13-2022-B          
RVUpdate-NDA   Air Traffic, Actors RVUpdate-NDA   RVUpdate,Project Mail, Email BkupTrump, Food          Bank Debt Calls   Common Law       RV Update       
Exchanges-Project-3d to 5d Schools   WBG Perk &       Truckers-Trump    BizCards-800's     Proton, Money       Projects, Process  Lobster xlm xrp    Ivermectin             
Benefits+Perks     Biz Cards Cryptos Benefits-Crypto's  Electronic EMP     H2O Drilling        Projects Q&A        blood Type, Iraq   Silver-RV Update  Astrology           

July 9-2022          July 6-2022          July 2-2022          June 29-2022       June 25-2022       June 22-2022        June 18-2022        June 15-2022       NEW ITEM             
Banking+Alexa     RVupdate-CERN  Sovereign-CERN  RVupdate-Banks  TrafficingElection RVupdateProject   BioFeedBk            Stock Market        NEW ITEM             
Projects+BizCardsGeorgiaGuideStonSCOTUS-Taxes    ChurchesReligion Projects-Lobster   Banks-ApathyFlagMed-Bed Tech      PPN+Dumbs         NEW ITEM            
40+Companies5G Election Audit       SleeperWhosWho Mail-Mcdonalds   StockMarket         Doctors-Church     HyperbaricChambProjects-Galactics NEW ITEM             

June 11-2022        June 8-2022         June 4-2022       June 1-2022         May 29-2022       May 25-2022        May 21-2022       May 18-2022       May 14-2022                                                        
Gold+ Trusts         Post Office+EBS  90:10 MedBed    Wealth Manager   Lobster+Movies   Government-9/11 Common Law      Projects+Medbed Banks+Currency                                    
ExchangesProjectsExchangesProjects2 - Trumps          RVprocessProject Projects+Trusts    Projects+Guns      Projects+Medbed Common Law      Trusts+Projects            
Vertical Farming   Digital Coins         Projects (-48)      Currency&Bonds Currency&Bonds Currency&Bonds Currency&Bonds Law of Attraction Emotion-Disease              

May 11-2022       May 7-2022        May 4-2022           Apr. 30-2022        Apr. 27-2022     Apr. 23-2022       Apr. 20-2022        Apr. 16-2022       Apr. 13-2022      
Bonds&Currency State-National     e-signature+blood   School Boards    Cryptos-Bolivar   CryptosAscentionCryptos-Bolivar   Cryptos-Currency
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Past Q&A Zoom Calls for Spiritual Talk (also see Phase Docs 1-5 for more spiritual talk included)


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